Landscape Services

Meticulous Landscaping has been built on customer satisfaction. Our philosophy is to make the customer a top priority. In today's competitive marketplace, meeting a customer's expectations is important and Meticulous Landscaping strives to exceed your expectations every day. A clear, concise, and above all else, honest approach to our daily business will ensure our integrity and future success. We utilize highly qualified personnel motivated to handle customer needs which enables us to be an industry leader. We believe that "Our Name Is Our Promise" in every aspect of what we do and that is only possible with qualified personnel.

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Meticulous Landscape Design

Our designers will focus on both the integrated master landscape planning of your property as well as the specific garden design of landscape elements and plants within it. We consider the practical, aesthetic, horticultural, and environmental sustainability components when creating your design solution.

Our design for waterfront or bayfront properties will consider the ability of your plant selection to thrive in this particularly challenging environment. Be assured that our 25 years of landscape design experience is a plus when considering landscape solutions in the Long Beach Island area and other waterfront communities.

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Meticulous Residential & Commercial Lawn Care

Large nationwide lawn care chains only offer the comfort of a familiar name. The Meticulous Landscaping Lawn Care professionals will be more attentive and are better able to cater to your needs. An attractive lawn requires a proper lawn maintenance program which should include watering, fertilizer, weed control, pest control, aeration and thatching. We offer a maintenance program that will be economical and provide you with beautiful, trouble-free turf.

Meticulous Landscaping can provide the knowledge, experience and specialized tools for the tasks you may not want to, or cannot perform. You can trust your lawn care to course owners do!

Irrigation Services

Meticulous Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

A sprinkler system may seem like an extravagant touch to maintaining a lawn but in many instances, they are a necessary part of a complete turf program to maintain an attractive and healthy lawn. In fact, irrigation systems (or "sprinklers") are an excellent way to manage and conserve water when used properly.

Let the Meticulous Landscaping professionals design an efficient and effective irrigation system for your property. They will handle the proper selection and placement of sprinkler heads, pump sizing, and will install the piping, spray heads and electronic controls to ensure you have a trouble-free system and a beautiful lawn.

Tree Services

Meticulous Tree Care Services

Think of tree care as an investment. A healthy tree increases in value with age and pays big dividends by increasing property values, beautifying our surroundings, purifying our air, and saving energy by providing cooling shade from summer's heat and protection from winter's wind.

Regular preventative maintenance, designed to promote tree health and structural integrity, ensures a tree's value will continue to grow and prevents the development of more costly problems in the future. An effective maintenance program, including regular inspections and necessary follow-up care - pruning, mulching, fertilizing, and additional soil management - can identify problems and correct them before they become damaging or fatal. Count on Meticulous Tree Care professionals to keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

installation & Construction

Meticulous Hardscaping Services

Meticulous can offer you an integrated solution to your property design. Meticulous Landscaping will create an aesthetic blend of landscaping and hardscaping that will not only beautify your property, but will increase your property value. We offer paving, construction and installation services to augment our landscaping and lawn care services.

If you are re-designing or building a new home and property, call Meticulous Landscaping today for a consultation. You will get more for your money with an integrated solution from Meticulous.

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Meticulous Snow Removal Services

Our fleet of vehicles are ready to assist in keeping your home or business trouble-free when winter weather arrives. We can offer rapid snow removal to keep your parking lots, driveways and sidewalks free of snow and ice. Save your back and have our snow removal professionals brave the elements for you!